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September Maintenance Tips

School is back in, but the summer heat has not gone away, so why not stay inside away from the heat for those home maintenances to-do items? There will be plenty of time in October and even November when it is cooler outside to tackle those outdoor tasks as well as prepare our lawns for winter.

Air Conditioner

  • Setup bi-annual service for your system.

  • Check and replace all your air filters.


  • Remember those automatic light timers you have for your outdoor lights. As fall moves on, it gets darker earlier so set those lights to come on earlier.

  • While you are at it, might as well check all your lightbulbs, inside and out.


  • Many local communities have a bi-annual or annual trash day. This is where you can take many things and dispose of that you may not be able to in your normal garbage. In addition, they may provide a shredding service as well. So, declutter all those items you have not used in a long time, things you cannot normally put out to the trash, as well as any old documents you need to have shredded.


  • Since you will want to be doing outdoor painting in October and November, go ahead and tackle that last painting makeover indoors you want to have done for the holidays.

  • If you have not done it in a while, clean and repaint window and door trim, baseboards, and finished doors. This can keep your house looking new and increase the value of your home when you choose to sell.

Kitchen Area

  • Check and replace filters in refrigerators.

  • Check and clean out dryer vents.

  • Check and replace filters in Range.

  • Clean and organize that pantry.

Quarterly Exterminating

  • Schedule your regularly exterminating service.

  • If not included in your service, put out ant and other insect treatment.


  • Check doors and windows for cracks, leaks or gaps and repair with weather. stripping or caulk

And finally, get those Halloween decorations out and ready so that you are ready to put them out October 1.

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