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Reducing and Reusing

Did you know one of the best ways of reducing waste is not to have any waste to begin with. We can all do this by reusing items that we think are trash or not good anymore. What made me think about this was when I came home from a run today, my wife told me “I sold the lounger.” I said, “what, really?” Well, why I was surprised was that she was talking about our outside lounger that we have by the pool. Not that that is surprising, but just two days before that, to my wives’ and oldest daughters’ amusement, the support on the sitting part of the lounger came apart while I was sitting on it, putting me flat on the deck. It was kind of funny, but I won’t let them know I felt that way.

This made me think about how many things that we have had in the past that we have personally donated, sold or just given away. These are things that we no longer had a use for, but someone else did. As I think about this, we have also bought many used items as well and that others no longer needed.

There are many ways of finding others that are interested in things that you may no longer need, and don’t be surprised, this may include things that are broken. People are handy and creative!

· Facebook – It has never been so easy as it is now with the marketplaces on

Facebook. Just post something you have for sale or give away, and most people

will come pick it up from you.

· Community and City garage sales.

· Some cities even have curb side pickup of donated clothing and material items

(Simple Recycling).

· There are many different locations you can donate items to (some will even

come to your house and pick them up) these include:

o Goodwill


o Electronics

o Dress for Success

o Baby2Baby

o The Salvation Army

o Pickup Please

o Local Churches

These are a few of the many locations that you can contact to donate items. Some of them will even schedule a time with you to pick items up from you. To find out about more places to donate unused items, google “places to donate in my area”.

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